Rational Water Use in the Municipal Sector in Gori City Municipality, Georgia

Period of Implementation: August, 2019 – September, 2020

Donor: UNDP GEF Kura II Project

Main objectives of the project:

  • Raise awareness among Gori City Municipality population about rational use of water resources and care for limited water resources;
  • To strengthen Civil society’s participation in water resources management decision making process;
  • To involve different target groups in the rational water use activities and reduction of water losses;
  • To promote local youth to implement environmental projects and initiatives at the community level;
  • To work with local government on issues related to water conservation and protection;
  • Active participation of the youth on monitoring and reporting on water leakages in the water distribution network.

Result of the project:

  • Facebook Page for reporting on water leakage accidents
  • 3 sets of age appropriate thematic area awareness materials (Print 500 copies)
  • Organized event for the inauguration of the rational water with representatives from schools, households, and c commercial enterprises at the beginning of the campaign
  • 3-day training for 36 School teachers from the 12 schools Gori City Municipality
  • One-day Training for 50 persons from the technicians and maintenance staff in the 12 schools and the largest 5 Governmental buildings in Gori City Municipality
  • 24 Trainings, each for 1.5 day, for the School students in the 12 schools in Gori City Municipality
  • 12 Study tours for the students in the 12 schools in Gori City Municipality to the water treatment facilities
  • 12 Information meetings with household members and gardeners in the Gori City Municipality
  • 4 meetings with representatives of commercial enterprises (Hotels, Restaurants, cafes, car washes) in Gori City Municipality
  • Mid Term workshop to evaluate the first phase of the campaign
  • School students’ competition for the best awareness activity to the surrounding communities
  • School students’ competition for the best water related paintings
  • Monthly reports on the consumption of water per school and governmental building and the percent reduction in water use compared to the average consumption
  • Monthly reports on the number of leak detection reporting per school
  • Report on the impact of the whole awareness campaign on water use efficiency
  • 3 videos on the different activities of the awareness campaign
  • Leaflet on the final results of the awareness campaign and its measured impacts on the water use efficiency in the schools and governmental buildings
  • Final workshop to present the campaign results and award the prizes for the best school, the best governmental building, and the best commercial enterprise.