Professional online trainings E-Platform was created for the staff of Agency of Protected Areas (APA)

With the support of the Caucasus Nature Foundation (CNF), the NGO Environment and Development has created E-Platform for the staff of Agency of Protected Areas (APA).

The overall objective of the project was to ensure that the created E-Platform with 10 online training modules is well functional, properly administered, regularly evolving and effectively used by the final beneficiary for professional capacity building of employees within the Georgian PAs system.

In total 10 training topics were uploaded on E-Platform on the following link –

The topics covered by the modules consists of reading, as well as video-audio materials.

The training topics are:

  1. Biodiversity monitoring;
  2. Phytopathology;
  3. SMART patrolling;
  4. Monitoring of key animal species;
  5. Adaptive management;
  6. Eco-tourism marketing;
  7. Planning and design of trails;
  8. Visitors management on PAs;
  9. Detection and prevention of illegal activities;
  10. Roadmap for rangers.

The E-Platform was created within the program “Enhancing financial sustainability of the Protected Areas system in Georgia “, financially supported by CNF, GEF, and UNDP.