Environment & Development

Environment and Development (ED) was established in 2015 by highly experienced professionals. ED works with development organizations, government, civil society and private sector on local, national and international levels to address sustainable development issues.

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Our Projects

  • Computer Models for Water Resource Management Planning

    Period of Implementation: November, 2015 – May, 2016 Donor: USAID Project Governing for Growth (G4G) in Georgia / Deloitte Consulting Overseas Projects LLC Main objectives of the grant were: Review internationally applied software packages for water planning and management focused on water allocation; Make an assessment of the software packages and identify the most suitable one […]

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  • Tusheti eco-model concept development

    Period of Implementation: August, 2015 – December, 2016 Donor: GIZ/ Eco Consulting / REC Caucasus The objectives of the project were: Assessment of Tusheti support platform creation and development potential; Tusheti – Local Capacity Development: Preparation of the local community opportunity development frame in accordance with the GIZ method of Opportunity Development; Eco-Farms of Tusheti […]

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  • Preliminary EIA, unexplored hydro potential of the catchment basin of the river Rioni

    Period of Implementation: July, 2015 – August, 2015 Donor: Stucky Caucasus Assessing the natural and social-economic environment of Rioni river basin and brief environmental impact review of planned project HPP sites including identification of physical, social and biological sensitive recipients and related social and environmental risks. Results of the project: Preliminary environmental and social impact […]

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Our Mission

Foster multidisciplinary and analytical research on environmental issues
Provide society with accurate information and ground based evidence for thematic dialogues and informative decisions
Promote innovative sustainable environmental practices for development projects

Our Goal

ED Goal is to promote good governance and sustainable development

Our Objectives

Foster environmental resource management practices through innovative research and interdisciplinary cooperation
Foster social-economic, cultural and natural environment policy formation on local, national and international levels through multi-stakeholder dialogues and partnership
Strengthen civil society, private sector and government institutional capacity development through information and awareness rising

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